Red Crow Hemp Team Members

Red Crow Hemp is a team comprised of highly educated and well experienced individuals. Our team is well versed in the Hemp Farming industry and understands the many benefits of cannabis and how it can utlized by Native American Tribes as an asset.

Our Team members are below, feel free to read our bios to get more familiar with our company.

Richard Tall bear Westerman - Founder/CEO

Richard Tall Bear Westerman is a Native American businessman with extensive experience as a developer and entrepreneur in Native American Gaming and Renewable Energy. He’s developed over $100,000,000 in projects in his respective fields of expertise. From project finance, design to construction Mr. Tall Bear Westerman has a tremendous amount of experience and verifiable success. In renewable energy, Mr. Tall Bear Westerman is currently the majority owner of a 250 acre, 20 megawatt solar array facility located in Brawley CA. The facility produces solar energy which is sold per kilowatt hour to Sempra Utilities and delivered to San Diego Gas and Electric Company territory. The power purchase agreement contract term between Tall Bear Seville Solar and the utility is for 20 years, the rate at which each kilowatt hour is sold is confidential. Mr. Tall Bear holds a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission license that allows his business to buy and sell energy on the national grid.

In the Native American Gaming industry Mr. Tall Bear Westerman had a joint venture with Lexington Theming and Fabrication of Burbank CA called The Tall Bear Group. The Tall Bear Group was a majority certified Native American Owned and operated business that took advantage of Native American preference contracting in the NA gaming industry as well as minority owned business opportunities within the state of CA such as Disney, Universal Studios and more

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Michael Ball - Hemp Farm Manager

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