Hemp Farm Development

The first step in the production of a hemp product is the necessity to work with Native American Tribes to develop a crop growth plan. We support our tribal clients at every step of the process to help them navigate the legislation, registration and growing of hemp crops. 

The first step is understanding the federal and state regulations for farm development. Red Crow understands the laws and statutes in the legal growing sectors.

Remember the first rule of real estate–location, location, location!

Land allocation and planning is the next phase of hemp development. Knowing the best location for growth is a vital aspect of a successful enterprise. Industrial hemp is a sturdy and durable crop capable of growing in a variety of environments. As it has deep tap roots, and can locate hard-to-find water. Even so, you need to water regularly to top it up. Unfortunately, industrial hemp is not suitable for an indoor grower. This is because it is supposed to be grown on a massive ‘industrial’ scale to reduce overall costs and boost profit margin. If you try to grow hemp indoors, you will be subject to enormous costs which you have no chance of exceeding with the value of the yield.

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