Red Crow Hemp

The Native American Hemp Company

Red Crow Hemp is a Native American owned and operated company that provides consulting and development services to Native American tribes, tribal businesses and individual tribal members interested in the organic farming and processing of high CBD Industrial Hemp on their land. We assist in the development and submittal of the required “Hemp Plan” to the USDA per the 2018 Farm Bill regulations and guidelines. The consulting services we provide include:

Complete cannabis and hemp business plan development with farm and business budgets, financial profit and loss projections, Return on Investment (ROI) summary, employee training, farm standard operating procedures, security plans, waste water management plan and pest control plan as well as required regulatory reporting and testing systems and procedures as required.

In addition to our consulting services, we also offer a tribal partnership structure where we will 100% finance, develop and manage a profitable hemp farm for Native American Tribes through a land lease and a tribal profit share. .

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Tribal Hemp Plan Development Submittal

Red Crow will work with tribal leadership and programs and legal counsel to develop and submit the Tribal Hemp Plan.


Hemp Farm Development

Red Crow Hemp offers a Tribal Partnership structure. We 100% finance, develop and manage Native American tribal hemp businesses and farms under a management contract.

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Business Plan Management

Red Crow Hemp can provide management services such as employee training, standard operating procedures, security plan, waste mater management, pest control, handling chemicals and the use of pesticides as well as required regulatory reporting systems. Testing and compliance standard operating procedures. Team building and farm labor plans etc...

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Tribal Hemp Consulting

On December 12, 2018, Congress passed the 2018 Farm Bill which legalizes industrial hemp by removing hemp with less than .3% delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol or THC from the Controlled Substances Act. This Farm Bill provides an administrative mechanism for American Indian tribes to assume primary regulatory authority over the production of industrial hemp and hemp products, including cannabidiol or CBD, on tribal lands.

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Red Crow Hemp is a premier Hemp Development, Management and Consulting Company serving the Native American Hemp Industry.

Our Mission

Hemp and Cannabis is a multi-billion dollar industry, $12B in 2018 and growing!

As of 2018, there are 32 States that allow cannabiss for medical use, 16 States that allow Cannabidoil (CBD) and 10 States that now allow for recreational cannabis use. Analysts predict the legal market for cannabis use will reach $24.5B by 2021 and possible grow to $47.3B just 6 years later. Our goal at Red Crow Hemp is to educated Native American Tribes so they understand the opportunity we have as Native Americans so that we can capitalize on a booming industry to help support our people! Learn More

We are 100% organic and natural. Hemp is our business.

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